Ion Beam Source

Positive ions are generated in Nier type ion source. Beam currents of the order of 1pA are obtained from the source. Different ion species can be produced by leaking a suitable gas into the source, i.e. H2, CO2, O2, or noble gases. The ions extracted out of the source are mass analyzed using a 90┬░ sector magnet with a mass resolution of approximately 45. The following species have up to date already been produced using the source: H+, H2+, CH+, CH2+, CH3+, CH4+, O+, OH+, H2O+, CO+, CO2+,CO22+ and various positive single charged fragments of C3H8. The elemental range is to be extended to He and Ne.

The mass range of the magnet extends from 1amu to approximately 50amu and the energy range from 10eV to 1500eV. The upper end of the mass and energy scale is limited by the power dissipation by the magnet coils as they are placed directly in the vacuum.