ENA/MPPE on BepiColombo

The ENA instrument investigates the structure of Mercurys magnetosphere.

SARA on Chandrayaan-1

SARA investigates the interaction of solar wind with the lunar surface.

 IBEX Mission

A mission to discover the interaction of the solar wind with the local interstellar medium.


This instrument is designed to observe the ENA flux emerging from the magnetosphere of the Earth. Information on LENA and the other instruments on the IMAGE S/C are available on this website.

 NPD on  ASPERA-3 on  Mars Express

This instument observes the martian magnetosphere.

 ASPERA-3 page from IRF

Mars Express ASPERA-3 instrument.

 NPD design from IKI, Russia

NPD design report

 NPD on  ASPERA-4 on  Venus Express

This instument observes the Venus magnetosphere.


 University of Bern

The home of the ILENA experiment.