Laboratory environment

To ensure stable mesurement conditions a temperature, humidity and dust stabilised environment for the laboratory systems, e.g. laser systems, optics, computers, etc., is essential.

The whole laboratory is temperature and humidity computer controlled. The temperature is hereby kept about 21.6°C wheras at day the mean temperature is about 22.0°C, a result of working people inside the lab. 

The humidity inside the lab is kept at (41 +/- 2)% rel. humidity. The variations in humidity are on the one hand a result of day/night humidity fluctuations and on the other hand of if poeple are inside the lab or not. 

To ensure that no dust riches optics, lasers and sensitive instruments, e.g. vacuum chamber, from outside there is an overpressure inside the lab relative to the outside. Even more a laminar flow module with filter is installed on the top of the laboratory to ensure a purity level of 100. The laminar flow module is divided in three parts, separated by plastic drapes. Two outer, small parts and one center part with all the sensitive instruments. Using this principle a dust free and clean circulation from the outer to the inner part of the lab is guaranteed.