MEFISTO Laboratory

This is the MEFISTO laboratory with the ECR-Source on the right hand side and on the left hand side the vacuum chamber where all the instruments for calibration are located The ECR-Source is placed in a big Faraday cage of about 2m length, 1.5m width and 2m height. This cage allows to float the ion source up to a potential of 100kV for post-accelerating of the highly charged ions.

Drawing of the chamber


Ion Beam caracteristics

  • Energy range: 3 keV/e - 100 keV/e
  • Pencil beam
  • Ions from gas (H, He, O, Ne, Ar, …) and solid sources (Na, Mg, Al, Ca, Fe, Zn, …)
  • Charge states: up to 8+ for gas sources, up 4+ for solid sources

Neutral Beam Chamber

  • Energy range: 10eV.....3keV
  • Species: H, He, O, C....



Actually the MEFISTO SCADA System is located on another Server.