Lecturer and Head of the Group

PD Dr. Ingo Leya -- Studied physics at the University of Hannover. Diploma and PhD at the Center for Radiation Protection and Radioecology (Prof. Dr. R. Michel). The PhD project was about thick target irradiation experiments and models for cosmogenic nuclide production in stony and iron meteorites. After the PhD. I applied for a PostDoc Grant of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and moved to ETH Zürich (Prof. Dr. R. Wieler). There I started to work with noble gas mass spectrometers, which I loved from the first moment and the enthusiasm is still ongoing. After 7 years in Zürich I became the leader of the Noble Gas Cosmochemistry Group to the University of Bern. Here we focus on the study of early solar system, solar system dynamics and the improvement of noble gas mass spectrometers


Dr. Dominic Abplanalp -- Optimisation of the present noble gas time-of-flight mass spectrometer and development of the next generation of TOF-MS for noble gas analysis.


Nathalie Dalcher -- Research topic "Development of 81Kr-Kr dating technique for study of pre-irradiation of CAIs and other inclusions in carbonaceous chondrites"

Ramakrishna Ramisetty -- Research topic "Usage of our new type of Time-of-Flight noble gas mass spectrometer for the analysis of presolar material"

Technical Staff

Patrick Enderli -- Patrick Endeli is with the noblegas group since February 2011. He's our group's mechanician.

Hans-Erich Jenni

Former Members

Dr. Katja Ammon -- Former doctoral student working on iron meteorites, their exposure ages and production rates of noble gases via galactic cosmic radiation.

Dr. Nadia Vogel -- Former PostDoc. Noble gas mass spectrometry: the formation and alteration of chondritic meteorite parent bodies; chondrule and CAI formation; formation and thermal evolution of IAB iron meteorites. Ar-Ar dating of extraterrestrial and terrestrial samples

Dr. Ansgar Grimberg -- Former PostDoc. Noble Gases in the Solar Wind, Scientific Member of NASA's Genesis Mission, Physics of Solar Wind Acceleration Processes, Fractionation of Isotopes in Solids

 Reto Trappitsch -- Former Master student. Cosmic-ray exposure history of presolar grains ans micrometeorites (master thesis). Now with the Department of the Geophysical Sciences of the University of Chicago.

Dr. Liliane Huber -- Former doctoral student working on the research topic: "The exposure age of pallasites and the development of a noble gas time-of-flight mass spectrometer (EGT) build in-house"

Hans Lüthi -- Retired

Dr. Vera Fernandes -- Former PostDoc. Ar-Ar dating of ureilites

Mario Gruber -- Mario Gruber was with the noblegas group from December 2009 - May 2011. He was hired to develop software for the new generation of mass spectrometers and to help out with the maintenance of the IT infrastructure.

Dr. Mariana Cosarinsky -- Former Postdoc. Homogenisation of milk