People working for the DFMS-sensor at the University of Bern

Present DFMS-Team Members

Name Function email address
Prof. H. Balsiger Honorary Principal Investigator hans.balsiger(at)
Prof. K. Altwegg Principal Investigator altwegg(at)
Dr. M. Rubin Co-Investigator martin.rubin(at)
Prof. E. Kopp Co-Investigator ernest.kopp(at)
Dr. L. LeRoy Scientist lena.leroy(at)
U. Calmonte PhD student calmonte(at)
Kurt Bratschi Mechanical Engineer bratschi(at)
Thierry Semon Engineer semon(at)

Former DFMS-Team members

Name Function
Prof. P. Eberhardt Co-Investigator
Dr. K. Lange Scientist
Dr. U. Langer Scientist
Dr. Bernhard Schläppi Scientist
Dr. Myrtha Hässig Scientist
Dr. A. Schönemann Scientist
Josef Fischer Engineer
B. Zahnd Engineer
T. Riesen PhD student
S. Wüthrich PhD student