My main research interest concerns the formation of planets. I would like to know how planets form and ultimately what kinds of planets are out there. This includes both terrestrial and gas giant planets. In addition I am still involved in photometry of variable and usually young objects such as T Tauri stars or transiting planets.

Project Management

At the moment we are studying a small satellite mission to do high precision photometry of exoplanet host stars. It is planned as an all-sky transit follow-up mission for bright stars. See the CHEOPS mission homepage for details.

Planet formation theory

As part of my studies I've been following up on the topic of my PhD thesis: trying to predict the mass distribution of close-in gas giant planets by studying all gaseous envelopes. See "prediction" in the navigation bar for more information.

Differential photometry

I have developed a new algorithm for differential photometry to improve the quality of relative photometry. The interested reader is referred to:
Broeg, C., Neuhäuser, R., Joergens, V., Ammler, M., & Fernández, M. 2003, Astronomische Nachrichten Supplement A New Algorithm for Differential Photometry.

To implement the algorithm, I have written a small program that requires instrumental photometry data obtained with other software such as IRAF as input. It is still used to do photometry on T Tauri stars. I would also be interested in its application for ground based transit search programs. If you are interested please contact me!

last update: August, 2012

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