Group Members

Benz Willy, Prof. Dr.  

+41 31 631 44 03

Alibert Yann, PD Dr. 

+41 31 631 55 47

Broeg Christopher, Dr.

+41 31 631 44 09
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Fortier Andrea, Dr.

+41 31 631 86 45

Jutzi Martin, Dr.

+41 31 631 85 49
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Marboeuf Ulysse, Dr.    

+41 31 631 44 27

Pfyffer Samuel  

+41 31 631 44 27

Cabral Nahuel

+41 31 631 86 45

Venturini Julia

+41 31 631 44 16

Emsenhuber Alexandre

+41 31 631 31 15

Former Members

Carron Fréderic

+41 31 631 44 09

Méheut Héloise, Dr. 

Reufer Andreas

Dr. Jonathan Horner
Solar System dynamics (particularly the behaviour of small bodies in the outer Solar System),
now at the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Dr. Augustin Anic
Giant impacts, Mercury, SPH simulations.

Dr. Oliver Nyffenegger
Protoplanetary disk dynamics, development of orbit-averaged Monte Carlo scheme for the modelling of disc-like systems.

Dominik Hofer
(Ph. D. Student)
Giant Planet formation,
now at the Institute for Climate and Environmental Physics, University of Berne, Switzerland

Dr. James A. Whitby
Timescale of rocky planetesimal and planet formation, differentiation and alteration; radiometric dating of early solar system processes; origin and evolution of volatile reservoirs in the solar system; development of instrumentation for cosmochemical analyses, not at TOFWerk/EMPA

Pascal Bauer
(Ph. D. Student)
Writing simulation software for the local ISIS Beowulf Cluster, elaborate an extensible framework for simulations consisting of a hirarchical solver for long range forces (Gravity, Electromagnetism), SPH part for fluid dynamics and brittle solids.

Mike Wüthrich
(Ph.D. Student)
Visualization of accretional discs

Dr. Ruth Ziethe
Core formation and early differentiation of terrestrial planets, thermal evolution of planets, thermal convection, computational fluid dynamics, finite element and difference methods, now at ESA - ESTEC (Noordwijk, SCI-SM)

Christoph Mordasini
(Ph. D. Student)
Numerical modelling of the formation of extrasolar planets, astronomical observations (HARPS, Zimmerwald), cluster administration.