Cylindrical horizontally oriented chamber with 1200 mm (inside diameter) main flange. The main flange is Viton sealed for normal operation, all other flanges are metal sealed. A liquid media circulated shroud, blackened on the inside and splitted at the main flange is mounted within the chamber. An additional electrical heating system is mounted between the shroud and the chamber walls, for baking out the chamber. At 11 locations at the shroud tapped holes are available for specimen support.


  • inner diameter of shroud: 1000mm
  • max. length of test item: 1750mm (1050mm within chamber, 700mm within cover)
  • Dimension of tempered aluminum plate: 860mm x 545mm


  • Ø300mm copper wire sealed flange (12" Wheeler) on the top of chamber, equipped with 5 pieces 37-pin Deutsch connectors
  • Ø300mm copper wire sealed flange (12" Wheeler) on the side of chamber, supporting 2 x CF Ø100mm and 2 x CF Ø63mm flanges
  • Ø100mm CF flange, oriented 45° off horizontal and vertical axis
  • Ø35 mm CF flange
  • Ø285mm Suprasil window on the side of the chamber (at the moment blocked by the solar simulator)
  • Ø250mm CF flange in line with chamber axis, equipped with Ø150mm CF viewport

There are more flanges mounted at the chamber, but are at the moment blocked by the standart test setup,  for measurement systems, liquid feedthroughs or a lamp. Contact us for further information or to check the availability of flanges not mentioned above.


Many different feedthroughs are on stock at the laboratory, and could be mounted on the above mentioned flanges. Please contact us for further information. As standart test setup are followed feedthroughs mounted or available:

  • 2 x Deutsch feedthroughs for totally 32 T-Typ (Copper-Constantan) Thermocouples, fix installed for experiment thermocouples
  • 5 x Deutsch 37-pin (DM 5606 37-37 PP, MIL-C-26482)
  • different D-SUB (15pin, 25pin)
  • different high voltage feedthroughs
  • coax feedthroughs
  • linear movement
  • rotational movement
  • precision gas inlet valve

Pumping System

Temperature Control

Data Acquisition and Process Control