The thermal vacuum test facility consists of the thermal vacuum chamber, the pumping system, the temperature controle systems and the data aquisition. The  dimension of the chamber is 1200mm in diameter and 2950mm in length. The chamber is equiped with a liquid media circulated shroud, which is splitted at the main flange.

For the support and the conductive tempering of the test specimen a seperately liquid media circulated aluminum plate is available. This table is mounted onto rails within the chamber, is movable in its axial position and height and conductive decoupled from the chamber.


Many flanges in different sizes are are located at the chamber for the mounting of measurement systems, feedthroughs or viewports. For solar simulation tests a solar simulator is connected to the chamber.

The whole chamber is for cleanliness reasons situated within a class 100 laminar flow clean area. This allows a propper handling and preparation of the test specimens.